Standing Rock 2017


The gathering occurred on January 5 and it went well!  A posting as to the day will soon follow!

January 5, 2017:
Christians have long understood the greatest need when a disaster occurs is long after initial hurt.  Recognizing the hurt felt in Standing Rock continues as winter walks into the landscape and seasonal temperatures drop and that on-site support might wane, Yakama Christian Mission encourages your presence at the Standing Rock Oceti Sakowin Camp on January 5, 2017.

The participants on this visit will quiet and center themselves, listen to the landscape, and pray.  There is not an absolute “right way” to have being in this landscape, however, this group will stress listening to the local people and give accountability to their voice.  Though no one knows what the landscape around the DAPL will feel line come January 5, you are encouraged to read this article and peruse  the How To Be an Ally site.

Please fill out the form below so we can keep track of folk who are coming through this invitation.  Also note on the form if you are willing to help organize this event, we can use your help!  If you are unable to attend the event, but can help, please sign up below!  Also, sign up for YCM’s Newsletter, where information will also be provided on the gathering.

If you have any questions please contact David Bell at or 509-969-2093.


What are the sleeping arrangements?  You need to make your own arrangements.  If floor space at a local church becomes available, it will be posted here.  However, the temperatures are likely in the single digits.  For a few, tents may be fine, however you are encouraged to make room reservations at Prairie Nights Casino.

What about food?  This needs developing.  Folk leaving the Casino on the morning of January 5 should eat first.  The goal is to have sacked lunches for everyone who registers.  Cost for lunches will be determined.

How many hours per day will we need to be outdoors and on our feet?  The only need is for each person to take care of their own wellbeing!  This is a time of prayer, care for justice, and connection with the landscape.  That can only be done well if you are healthy!  However the day works out, listen well to your body, emotions, and spirit.  Please know that our elders come first and everyone who attends is to be attentive to their needs and their voice.  The day of prayer is likely to fill much of the daylight hours, however because of the temperature we do not expect to spend all of that time outside.

Are folk expected to converge at the demonstration site?  Yes, everyone needs to get to the gathering site on his or her own.  Exact place and time will be determined in the weeks prior to the gathering.

When is one old enough to come?  Every one of every age are welcomed!  The season of this event was chosen to allow children and youth to come during their winter break and because it is during the twelve days of Christmas.  Certainly, the life of a young person will be forever changed (and their relationship with the folk who bring them) to attend an event/time/place of justice in the Christmas season.  To live and to know a moment of justice that is akin to the march across the Selma Pettus Bridge in 1965 is a moment they will surely carry with them their entire life.

Would we be more helpful just staying home and sending money?  Money is always good and you can make a donation for this event at Standing Rock Donation.  However, the wellbeing of the landscape is dependent on connection with its relations.  In turn, when one foot steps upon new ground, neither the ground nor the person is ever the same again.  If your health and finances allow, being in place will matter!

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