Center for Indigenous Ministries (DOC)

Center for Indigenous Ministry (DOC) works to help North American people learn, understand, and advocate justice for Canadian and US Indigenous peoples.

Read about our current resolution going before the 2023 General Assembly at the link below.

Our History

Located in the history of the Yakama Reservation
—Yakama Christian Mission & Yakima Indian Christian Mission & American Tepee Christian Mission—

What We Do

We invite you to join us, not with something hollow like membership, but as family. Kin.

We host a variety of events including an indigenous book study, winter talk, and restorative gatherings!

Not sure where to get started? Check out our Bookstore for a wide variety of reading suggestions to learn more about indigeneity.

Truth and Healing

The Path Towards Wholeness

We start the journey together with

Reparative Work

While this continues, we also begin the work of


After some time, we begin the process of


Finally, years or generations later…


Resources around the Doctrine of Discovery, Indigeneity, and much more concerning the Church and Indigenous Peoples.

  • Resolutions
  • Decisions
  • Films and Video
  • Study Materials
  • Presentation Templates
  • Land Acknowledgment

Reflect with us as we pass the Talking Stick.

Our Thoughts

  • I Don’t Know
    Last summer season a friend suggested I read Reclaiming Two Spirits.  I’ve enjoyed their books and the way they think.  So, I figured the book was likely worth the read.  I ordered the book, but it being the season of haying and irrigating, IContinue reading “I Don’t Know”
  • Nativity?
    I try to get in a little reading and writing every morning.  The winter solstice season is exceptional for this luxury.  With sunlight nearly three hours later than during summer solstice, certain chores—like feeding cattle—can wait until light.  Not only can I getContinue reading “Nativity?”
  • A Statement of Tears
    In his Forward of the book Claiming Two-Spirits, Raven Heavy Runner speaks of his grandmother’s wisdom.  “Be mindful of how you talk as you have the power to hurt or heal one another.”  In speaking her words Heavy Runner’s grandmother becomes an elder to whomContinue reading A Statement of Tears