Winter Talk

February 13-15, 2023

Winter Talk is a three day conversation on the Christian Doctrine of Discovery (DOD) and its influence on Christian theology and polity.  Hosted by Center for Indigenous Ministries (DOC), Winter Talk is dedicated to furthering the conversation on the Christian Doctrine of Discovery and its dismantling.

Winter Talk is an important time for Canadians and US siblings to gather and eat, learn, and talk about the Doctrine of Discovery’s impact on North American peoples. All people are welcomed to Winter Talk; a place and space of accountability to  American Indignity  where the Indigenous voice is principle in an exploration of the past, an understanding of the present, and a visioning of the future.

2023 – Indigenous Religious Spheres: Incursions, Resistance, and Integration
Lisaa HeadshotWe are proud to announce Dr. Lisa Barnett J. Shawnee Portraitand  Rev. Joshua Shawnee, SSM as 2023 Winter Talk Keynote speakers! Lisa Barnett, Northern Cherokee of Missouri and Arkansas, is the Assistant Professor of American Religious History at Phillips Theological Seminary.  Rev. Joshua Shawnee,Shawnee and Delaware, serves as Education and Social Services Director of the Shawnee Tribe and pastor of the Parish Church of St. Jerome.  Both presented papers at the 2022 Visions of Wholeness conference:  Lisa Barnett spoke on Disciples and the ‘F’ Word: How our Focus on The Significance of the Frontier Causes Us to Lose Sight of our Legacy of Conquest and Joshua Shawnee spoke on Not of This Fold: Exploring the Historical Complexities of Native Identity within a Contemporary North American Christian Context.  We are excited to have Lisa and Joshua to help us explore and converse on the intersection(s) of incursions, resistance, and integration of Indigenous religious spheres at the 2023 Winter Talk!


Past Speakers:
Lisa Dellinger-Chickasaw
Ron Gurley-Cherokee
David Bell-Toppenish Creek Valley
Richard Grounds-Euchee
Robert J. Miller-Eastern Shawnee
Sarah Augustine-Pueblo
David Bell-Toppenish Creek Valley
Chebon Kernell-Seminole
Jon Ghahate-Laguna & Zuni Pueblo
Year of COVID
2022 (COVID 2nd yr) CIM supported speakers committed to accountability to Indigenous voice @  DCHS Visions of Wholeness event)
Joshua Shawnee-Shawnee and Delaware
Lisa Barnett-Northern Cherokee of Missouri and Arkansas
David Bell-Toppenish Creek Valley
Joshua Shawnee-Shawnee and Delaware
Lisa Barnett-Northern Cherokee of Missouri and Arkansas


Winter Talk honors the season of winter.  The harvest is long past and spring soon to come. Winter is our time to think, tell stories, and eat.  At Winter Talk we come together as community to talk, eat, create new relationships, and then talk some more, eat some more, and learn to know our new relations all the more.  Join the people of our landscape, renew old relationships and create new ones!

You will find Registration below.  If you have any questions, please contact: OR 509-969-2093


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Housing For Winter Talk

3418 S. 79th East Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74145

Hotel Front Desk: 918-779-4000
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Tentative Winter Talk Schedule

Monday, February  13
8:30am            Registration & Gathering (coffee & tea)
9:00                 Welcome and Blessing
9:05                 Acknowledging Sacred Space
9:50                 Break
10:00               Review of Doctrine of Discovery
11:00               Small Group
11:30               Q&A
11:45pm          Lunch and Conversation
12:45               Talk #1 with Joshua Shawnee
1:45                 Small Group Conversation
2:15                 Q&A with Joshua Shawnee
2:30                 Break
3:00                 Talk #1 with Lisa Barnett
4:00                 Small Group Conversation
4:30                 Q&A with Lisa Barnett
4:45                 Blessing
5:00                 Supper on your own

Tuesday, February  14
8:30am            Gathering (coffee & tea)
9:00                 Welcoming Sacred into Community
9:05                 Dreams
9:15                 Talk #2 with Joshua Shawnee
10:15               Small Group Conversation
10:45               Q&A with Joshua Shawnee
11:30               Chapel Service (PTS Community)
12:15pm          Lunch and conversation
1:30                 Talk #2 with Lisa Barnett
2:30                 Small Group Conversation
3:00                 Q&A with Lisa Barnett
3:15                 Break
3:30                 Mid-Day Panel
4:00                 Talking Circle
5:00                 Blessing
5:10                 Supper on your own @ NATV

Wednesday, February  15
8:30am            Gathering (coffee & tea)
8:45                 Welcoming Sacred into Community
8:50                 Gift Giving
9:50                 Retrieving the Items of Home
10:30               Journey Home ~ Be well until we next meet again!