This is where you would signup to be a member of Center for Indigenous Ministries. However, that sounds a little hollow for indigeneity. Let us strive to become family rather than members of one more organization. Allow us to become kin, as individuals and organizations.

Individual Kin

If you would like to be counted as kin we welcome you! You will be added to our newsletter list. Your wellbeing is our concern. If you have need to talk about your past or imagine the future, please get in touch!

Organizational Kin

If you are signing up on behalf of any organization, you’ve the right place! We welcome all of institutional kin to join us in our efforts to mainstream Indigenous voice. If you are a CC(DOC) congregation, your presence is invaluable. The only way CIM has any voice in a congregational based institution is to have congregational backing. In other words, you are greatly needed! Your contact could be the congregational pastor. However, pastors are busy and if possible it is best to have a representative other than the pastor.